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Please note!  Because of postal expenses, all contest entries must originate in North America (Canada and U.S.A.)  Sorry!

Please note: because I haven’t had nearly enough entries, I have extended the contest entry to July 26.

MistThree prizes:

  1. Custom T-shirt and signed copy of MIST
  2. Custom T-shirt
  3. Signed copy of MIST

T-shirts can be made in any size or color with complementary print, either front or back or both, and can feature any of the bookmark art. You can have the picture on the front, and skip the text completely. T-shirts will be delivered within three weeks after receiving size, color preference. (Examples below.)

Two win one of the prizes, simply read my “About Mist” on “The Midgard Series” link, and answer the following questions:

  1. What does Mist fight in Golden Gate Park?
  2. Who is Mist’s boyfriend?
  3. What is the location of the bar owned by Odin’s sons?

Send the answers to: susankrinard @ (w/o spaces) or fill out the form below by JULY 16, and I will randomly select three winners from among those who answer the questions correctly.

T-shirt design examples:

T-Shirt (front) - Loki

T-Shirt (front) – Loki

T-Shirt (back) - Loki

T-Shirt (back) – Loki

T-Shirt (front) - Mist

T-Shirt (front) – Mist

T-Shirt (back) - Mist

T-Shirt (back) – Mist