new reviews and questions for urban fantasy readers

I’ve been reading a couple of good reviews of Mist (pointed out by my publicist at Tor, Leah Withers), and one of them has raised several interesting questions about the preferences of urban fantasy readers. (Reviews can be found here: and here

So, I have a couple of questions for you readers who like urban fantasy …

#1: Do you like the writer to “set” the story in detail … i.e., street names, landmarks, etc., or would you rather it be kept vague?

#2:  How much eroticism is comfortable for you? Do you prefer no sexual/sensual element at all, or is there a limit for you? Are you bothered by relationships that aren’t strictly male/female?

Thanks for your response! This is more of a curiosity issue, though if I discovered that most readers don’t like the detail in the settings (I had thought most did), I can always tone it down in books #2 and #3.  I probably will, anyway, since I have established the setting.


Sue Krinard

One comment to “new reviews and questions for urban fantasy readers”

  1. Lavon Maestas
      · July 3rd, 2013 at 4:44 pm · Link

    hi Sue, I enjoy a little knowlege of the locale. I do not noy sex scenes that go on and on. boring!!! “Their clothes fell to the ground as they clenched each other tightly.” end scene….Go on to next day or later or whatever, just not all the gooey details about love-making. If a book is x-rated, it should say so on the front so I don’t bu it. As for two beings of the same sex making love, same deal.