MistDear readers,

in FREEZE WARNING I return to the world of my new Urban Fantasy series Midgard with an e-novella prequel to the full-length novel MIST, released Summer 2013.

As a nearly immortal Valkyrie, Mist is the guardian of the greatest of the Norse god’s Treasures—Odin’s spear Gungnir. But Mist believes all the gods are dead, and she’s slowly settling into a normal life in San Francisco. Just when Mist is ready to give up the duty the All-father laid on her, she meets a mysterious woman, Bella Stratus, and a man who helps her save Bella’s life: Eric Larsson, the perfect embodiment of a Viking warrior. He’s charming, good-natured, and nearly her equal in strength; and for the first time in centuries Mist has found someone she might be able to love… and trust.

But even as Mist remembers the past she left behind and contemplates a new future with Eric, Bella warns her that she can’t fight her fate. No matter what happens, no matter how hard she tries, she’ll never be able to escape the destiny that awaits her…

Praise for MIST:

“It’s a fast paced, gripping thriller, with a few interesting twists and turns and some excellent divine conspiracy.”Booklist

“A kick-ass Valkyrie with baggage teams up with a brooding elf to battle Loki and a band of Jotunar (frost giants) … Krinard’s background … lends her an ability to write well-defined, multi-dimensional characters who help this story stand out in a crowded field.”Publishers Weekly

“This is really good! A brilliant concept—Norse fantasy in a modern setting. Highly recommended!”C.J. Cherryh, SF writer

4 Stars! “The talented Krinard draws from the world of Norse mythology as she introduces a dark new urban fantasy series featuring a disillusioned Valkyrie. Krinard’s new heroine is guilt-ridden and bitter, but she has adapted to the modern world. There is plenty of deceit, drama and action in this launch book!”RT Book Reviews

Meet the Nightsiders

4 STARS! “An action-packed plot with skillful twists and turns makes Krinard’s Shadowmaster a fun and exciting read.”RT Book Reviews on SHADOWMASTER

ShadowmasterDear Reader,

Shadowmaster is the third in my Nightsiders series about a world riven by a war between vampires—the Opiri—and humans fighting for survival. It’s one of my favorite kinds of love stories—bitter enemies, each fighting for his or her own kind, who become lovers.

Phoenix and Drakon, both spies in the midst of a deadly conflict, quickly learn that the hatred they bear for each other is an illusion. Love is the key to creating a lasting peace between Opiri and humans, but it can only happen if the lovers are strong enough to overcome divided loyalties and help create the kind of world where such a love can survive.

I hope you enjoy Shadowmaster!

Susan Krinard

4.5 STARS! “A complicated and fascinating mythology makes Daysider a fun read. Its fast-paced excitement will keep readers’ attention from beginning to end.”RT Book Reviews on DAYSIDER