Body & Soul

Body & Soul
Bantam (August 1998)
ISBN-13: 9780553569193 ♦ ISBN-10: 0553569198

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Jesse Copeland, an expert in mountain rescues, has returned to Manzanita after years in the Peace Crops. Despite an indomitable courage that sent her rappelling down cliffs, she is haunted by the nightmares and shadowy half-memories surrounding her mother’s mysterious death. Now she is determined to find out if her mother’s “accident” was murder. What she finds instead is a man as transparent as air–sensual, muscular, his blue eyes burning into hers as she cries out one word from a place deep within her: David.

David Ventris, Lord Ashthorpe, late of His Majesty’s Light Dragoons, is, simply put, a ghost. He’s waited two centuries to be called back to earth by the woman he wronged. He knew her as “Sophie”, a lady he’d loved but failed because he would not sacrifice his freedom. Now he is being given the chance to guard her from danger and get back his soul–if only she will believe him real and not madness. If only she will love him enough to create a miracle…and give him life again.

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“The always innovative Susan Krinard once again brings us a highly original tale of love far beyond the ordinary. . . . Ms. Krinard weaves a beautifully shaded love story of passionate intensity that takes romantic fiction to a new level of creativity and excellence.”

— Melinda Helfer, 4+ Stars from Romantic Times

“The definitive ghost romance may not yet have been written, but Susan Krinard offers a darn good one in her new contemporary BODY & SOUL. Krinard’s ghost hero intrigues and satisfies in many ways. In BODY & SOUL . . . Krinard) was determined to create a world that would captivate her readers, holding them in its grip to the exclusion of all else. She succeeds beautifully. We become caught up in the emotional transformations that Jesse and David undergo, transfixed by the secrets of two casts of characters separated by 200 years. . . . We’re anxious to see Jesse saved from the villain, a refreshingly complex character. And we delight in the well-developed secondary characters . . . . Finally we get a story that isn’t easily resolved through violence; here, something more complicated and demanding is required than simple justice. If BODY & SOUL is any indication, then (Susan Krinard’s) efforts to tell unexpected stories with skill and insight . . . continue to pay off in supernatural romances that richly reward the reader.”

— Ellen Edwards, for

“BODY AND SOUL is an astounding otherworldly romance that should garner awards for the stupendous Sue Krinard, the leading light of the sub-genre. The story line is a crisp combination of elements from the intrigue, paranormal, and historical that under the incredible talent of Ms. Krinard turns into a masterpiece that will be loved by fans of all three sub-genres.”

— Harriet Klausner